The Weird Al Show

25. The Weird Al Show

CBS; 1 season; 13 episodes; 9/13/1997-12/6/1997

Despite the popularity he earned as a parodical music genius, "Weird Al" Yankovic and his accordion sadly weren't fit for TV consumption. The uncomfortable coupling of a children's show format with an adult humor style got this show cancelled pretty quickly but, even though it only aired for two months, The Weird Al Show left an impression in our hearts that will last a lifetime. Or a couple of minutes, who knows?


24. Dollhouse

Fox; 2 seasons; 27 episodes; 2/13/2009-1/29/2010

King of the Canceled Show, Joss Whedon, by now probably just accepts his work has no place on a network schedule. While Dollhouse was fine, no-one really kicked up a fuss when it was shoved off the air, partly because everyone kind of saw it coming, and partly because, well, Joss can probably do a little better than that.


23. Reaper

The CW; 2 seasons; 31 episodes; 9/25/2007-5/26/2009

Every now and again, a show comes along that makes everyone sit up and say "you know what? I kind of like this!" Reaper was one such show. Unfortunately, it was too little too late on the ratings front, and Reaper was gone forever, to the outrage of absolutely no-one. They said something like "Aw, shame", before checking their DVR for something else to watch.

Party Down

22. Party Down

Starz; 2 seasons; 20 episodes; 3/20/2009-6/25/2010

A third season of Party Down, however welcome, would be a curious thing. Adam Scott left the show at the end of season two, and it's hard to imagine the show without seeing it through the bitter, misanthropic eyes of the protagonist.


21. Deadwood

HBO; 3 seasons; 36 episodes; 3/21/2004-8/27/2006

Deadwood might have been a near perfect drama, full of the grit and vigor you'd rightly expect from a premium cable show set in the Old West, but after it was struck down for being too expensive, it almost just felt like HBO's way of saying "Hey, everyone! We can be dicks about shows you love, too!"