The stream starts at 9PM EST / 6PM PST on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH!

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Hey, you! Maybe you've heard that your pals at CollegeHumor have launched our very own streaming video platform called Dropout? If not, well...yeah. We did that! Here's our fearless leader Sam Reich to explain:

We were tired of being limited by advertiser censorship and limited revenue, so we went and made our OWN platform - where we could do bigger versions of Um Actually and Precious Plum, and try out crazy new ideas like our crazy tabletop RPG show Fantasy High (which was even endorsed by Critical Role's Matthew Mercer!):

And in case you wanted to know a little bit more about the shows themselves...

Um Actually

Um, Actually is a game show built around every nerd's very favorite thing: pedantic corrections. Every week, 3 guests compete to see who can pinpoint every small, insignificant mistake in the false statements about different nerdy properties that host Mike Trapp throws their way. But if they want any points, they need to preface every answer with that essential nerd opener: "Um, Actually?"

Catch new episodes of Um, Actually every Friday on DROPOUT, start your free week right now at

Cartoon Hell

Bad news: Drawfee's Caldwell Tanner and Nathan Yaffe are in hell. Nuts. The good news: they can get out, but only by making top-notch (or truly awful) cartoons from viewers' suggestions. Join them, their demonic manager Managar (voiced by Jake Young), and other guests like Julia LePetit, Jacob Andrews, and Rekha Shankar as they do their very worst to bring suggestions like "Elderly Assassins" and "Swanky Space Bugs" to life.

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Fantasy High

Dragons. Wizards. Guidance counselors. Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan presents a tabletop RPG set entirely in high school, starring CollegeHumor cast members past and present Emily Axford, Brian Murphy, Siobhan Thompson, Ally Beardsley, Zac Oyama, and Lou Wilson. It's Gary Gygax meets John Hughes.

Catch new episodes Fantasy High every Wednesday only on DROPOUT, start your free week now at

It's been a blast so far, but we know a lot of fans are a little wary of paying us a mere $3.99 / month for loads of incredible content (even though, c'mon - you start with a free trial AND $4 is less than what you spend on lunch most days). So we decided to do something about that - a 3 day Twitch marathon where we show off A TON OF OUR SHOWS. And not just previews or trailers - we're talking FULL EPISODES of Um Actually, Cartoon Hell (from the Drawfee boys), and Fantasy High.

And best of all, our cast will be in the Twitch chat the WHOLE TIME. Brennan Lee Mulligan, Mike Trapp, Sam Reich, Julia Lepetit, and more will be chatting, responding, and giving you INSIDER INFO on all the shows throughout the entire marathon! So mark your calendar and prepare to get the full Dropout experience on Twitch for FREE (although - reminder - you can also sign up for a free trial here). We think you'll like it.

Reminder - here's the full schedule, which you can watch LIVE on Twitch's TwitchPresents channel November 9th through 11th!