Flying is boring, but more often than not that's a good thing. It's when crazy stuff happens that you start to worry. The nice people at AskReddit had people share the craziest things they ever saw on an airplane, and while we're glad it didn't happen to us, it's still fun to read about. Please enjoy:

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1. ottermodee found the one thing worse than sitting in the middle seat: 

Was on a flight to Seattle and fell asleep in the middle of it. All of a sudden my seat was being kicked multiple times and it woke me right up and I made my seat up-right. Turned around and the woman behind me was literally foaming at the mouth. Turns out she was having a seizure. They laid her down in the aisle and she had another seizure shortly after. It was pretty scary and sad as she was with her child and husband. Not sure what happened to her afterwards because the plane landed an hour after the entire ordeal.

Also, anyone who helped or even tried to help got a free flight.

2. Dgdgoblin's seatmate didn't understand the safety video: 

A guy wearing a bicycle helmet during the entire 7 hour flight.

3. cre8ivjay met a woman who had the courage to say what we're all thinking: 

I saw a woman get escorted off an airplane because she wouldn't get off her phone before take off.

The plane returned to the gate and she was taken off.

The saddest thing was watching her husband and two kids follow her and the kids pleading with the agents to let her stay on. It was spring break and we were all headed to Mexico. :(

I love my wife, but I would've told her she was on her own. See ya!

4. sea12hawkman almost got sucked out of the plane: 

I was on a military flight from Diego Garcia to the Philippines. Dude got close to the emergency escape hatch and said "what would happen if I open this." I put on my seat belt as fast as I could. The flight crew secured him in his seat. It woke me up.

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5. TherealMad's husband was on the season finale of "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant": 

My husband was on a business flight from Vancouver to Tokyo a few years ago. They brought a young woman who was in medical distress up to business class across the aisle from him and called for any doctors on board to come forward. Long story short she Proceeded to give birth to an almost full term baby. She claims she didn't know she was pregnant (she didn't look pregnant) and her boyfriend was totally freaking out. Baby was healthy in the end so things worked out ok.

6. requisitename just gave me a new thing to freak out about when I fly: 

Saw lightning hit the wing as we let down through a snowstorm. It made the entire airplane thud a couple of times. (I'm guessing from the expansion and contraction of the heat). Took the pilot several minutes to come on the speaker and assure all of us that "that sort of thing happens all the time." I thought "Not to ME it doesn't!"

I gazed out the window as we kept dropping lower and lower through nothing but thick, dark clouds. The girl beside me asked, "What are you looking for?" "The ground", I answered. She said calmly, "I'm sure it's down there somewhere." I replied, "That's what I'm worried about." The clouds parted about one second before we touched down. I was then snowed in at Salt Lake City for five hours.

7. logiqaltech's flight should have laid off the jerked chicken: 

Not so crazy but hilarious AFTER we landed. Was traveling to the Caribbean for a vacation. Plane full of unruly people that kept being told to sit down for most of the flight (there was a bumpy ride for the most part).

It was a short flight (4 hours), but almost inmediately one of the bathrooms went out of service... Then another one... Then another one. Within the first 90 minutes 3/4 bathrooms were out of service. I still have no clue what actually happened to them, but remember the flight attendant saying "If you don't know how to use it, please ask for help".

8. Remind us to never fly with selkieskinned

The guy sitting next to me died.

I was in the aisle seat chilling with my headphones, when the girl by the window starts frantically asking me for help. I turn to look and middle seat guy is flopped over against her. I stand up and help pull the guy back over into his seat, and his eyes are wide open but glazed over. Dead, no life. I try to shake him awake, thinking he passed out.

He doesn't react, and I can't detect any breathing. I start pressing the flight attendant button and am calling for help. I literally slap him across the face twice, and he doesn't react. Moments pass and he suddenly gasps for air, blinks, and looks very shocked and scared.

He was visiting from Russia and spoke no English. The idiot flight attendant kept just saying to me "oh he's been traveling all day, he was probably just really tired." No, ma'am, he was not breathing, not even when I slapped him, please ask for a doctor.

I ended up switching seats with a fireman who was on board, and they called ahead for paramedics to meet him at the gate with an iPad for translating purposes.

That wasn't even the first time someone died next to me during transport, but the first guy didn't make it. It made me a little suspicious of myself for awhile.

TL:DR man next to me died, came back to life.

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9. boxcargonzo22

Was about to take off from Atlanta to Jamaica when the plane turned around and went back to the gate. Pilot came across the speaker and said one of the engines kept shutting off. After about a half hour the pilot came on again and said "alright folks. We did a little work on the engine and it seems ok for now so we're gonna go ahead and try it". Try it?!

10. brp's seatmate was creative at least: 

I was on a flight from Manila to Singapore sat in a row with a teenage boy who clearly had never flown before. He didn't know how to work the seats, had trouble with the overhead lights and IFE, and couldn't fill out the immigration forms.

He also did not speak English. I was trying to help him out as best I could, mostly motioning with my hands as he didn't speak English.

When we were descending, the pressure change was really bothering him, and he had taken his pillow and the one from the empty seat between us and was jamming them against his ears trying to alleviate the pressure.

I had gum with me, so I try to hand him a piece. He doesn't take it, so I say, "Have some gum, it will help with your ears", while pointing to my ears.

He takes the foil wrapped piece of gum, and proceeds to stick it directly in his ear.

11. Boring-Alter-Ego probably couldn't wait to land: 

Someone waiting for the toilet shitting themselves outside the door.