Not every song can be completely original, but there are some that get a little bit too close to others for comfort. The good people at ask reddit had people share the songs that they though sounded just a little bit too similar. Some of these we've hear before and some we'll never listen to the same way again. Here are : 



1. gh0stingRS Just Mad Us Think About Being Trapped In That Damn Cave:

the Pokemon Cave theme and Clocks by Coldplay



2. ami2weird4u Probably Forgot What Happened To Elsa's Papa

"Papa can you hear me" and "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman"


Papa Can You Hear Me?: 

3. WinkingAndArtifice points out that the greatest band of all time, The Beatles, were essentially covered by the second greatest band of all time, The Offspring: 

Ob la di by the Beatles and Get a Job by the Offspring

The Offspring: 

The Beatles:

4. I seem to remember a lawsuit about this one, Hendrigan:

The correct answer is Braveby Sara Bareilles andRoarby Katy Perry.

Just listen to themoverlayed.

Sarah Bareilles: 

Katy Perry 

5. KHfailure just ruined our chilhood: 

Ducktales theme song and Wake me up before you go-go by Wham! 



6. finnwhat ruined Green Day worse than the Obama Presidency ruined "American Idiot": 

Telephone Line by Electric Light Orchestra and 21 Guns by Green Day.

Electric Lights Orchestra: 

Green Day: 

7. MrKireko points out an even weirder 21 Guns connection: 

Also the Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Route 209 soundtrack


Green Day: 

8. The weirdest Green Day call out comes from dajokaman759:

The Johnny Test theme song and American Idiot by Green Day.

Green Day: 

Johnny Test: 

9. I think Joujojus meant to say 'Beck': 

Pepper by butthole surfers and loser by Becky

Butthole Surfers: 


10. go_NZ makes a less than favorable Madonna comparison about Lady Gaga: 

Born This Way (lady gaga) and Express Yourself (Madonna)


Lady Gaga: 

11. SawyerAMusic reminds us that Tom Petty didn't back down on that one: 

Stay with me- Sam Smith and Won't back down- Tom Petty. I'm pretty sure Sam smith lost a copyright infringement lawsuit over it.

Sam Smith: 

Tom Petty: 

12. And we thought that, asurah blew our minds: 

Twinkle twinkle Little Star, and baa baa black sheep

Until offeringofcrimson swooped in with this curveball: 

On that note, Baa baa black sheep and Somebody that I used to know by Gotye

Baa baa Black Sheep: 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: