Tinder and rejection go hand in hand. Whether you get swiped left or swiped right, but the convo falls off the face of the Earth, you're bound to run into disappointment at some point or another. These people felt the cold hand of rejection after some questionable pickup lines and shared their bad moments with the rest of the internet, which we thank them for.

1. Well, you could've been a 1/10, so there's that?

tinder rejections - emotional destruction

 flekie / Reddit.com

2. Yes and made of a very clingy material.

tinder rejections - boyfriend material

 ragerlager / Reddit.com

3. Sorry Kav, but you have wasted your super like.

tinder rejections - life better without me

OrangeJuicestice / Reddit.com

4. These burns are TOPICAL baby. 

tinder rejections - elon musk submarine

markoviel / Reddit.com

5. Go and repent, sinner.

tinder rejections - wet fingers to page through the bible

LarryByndon22 / Reddit.com

6. Your face throws off the mathematics. 

tinder rejections - chance of head

darkdevil101 / Reddit.com

7. A great point.

tinder rejections - lowercase mistake

 KimDongIllest / Reddit.com

8. Fighting fire with fire.

tinder rejections - musician vs divorcee

 ADisconcertingSigh / Reddit.com

9. What just happened here?

tinder rejections - white horses

gandheesarmee / Reddit.com

10. Oof well-played gg

tinder rejections - gynecologist burn

 bgit / Reddit.com

11. How did this one turn out positive?

tinder rejections - fuck each other not yourself

watch_u_smoke / Reddit.com