Everyone's favorite company that we are all highway robberying, MoviePass, has met with another setback Thursday, as they were forced to halt services because well, they didn't have enough money to continue services.

This setback is one of many the company has faced this year, including changing their business model to  limit the amount of movies patrons can see a month, as well as introducing surge pricing for popular films and film times.

The poor folks are in over their hand and are HEMORRAGING money. If you have MoviePass, you may not have it much longer.

Thanks for a beautiful, cheap as hell ride MoviePass. We're pulling for you. But we're also not stupid.

1. Who could have seen this coming?

2. God Bless America

3. Yeah how bout ya'll get some actual culture in your lives

4. Bless


6. Oh man remember Fyre Festival tho

7. Down with the bourgeois

8. Yeah I included one of my own tweets, so what

9. It's been a pleasure freeloading with you gentlemen this evening

10. You won't motherfucker

11. It's time to get the boys together for One Last Job

12. And for that we should be thankful

13. If you don't remember Anna Delvey

14. Thanks for letting us steal movies, bye bitch. On to the next one