Every Single Word is a project by Dylan Marron that cuts down feature films and leaves only dialogue spoken by characters portrayed by people of color. 

It was made a little while ago, but its message is evergreen and always in need of reminding - there's a criminal lack of diverse voices in Hollywood. So until something gets done about that, we might as well laugh at how truly bad the representation is in movies we all love.

Try and guess before you embark on this video journey how many of these movies, and which ones, have absolutely NO dialogue from a person of color: ET, Birdman, Girls (The Pilot Ep.), Spotlight, Titanic, Midnight in Paris, Her, Frances Ha, Wet Hot American Summer, Jaws, Moonrise Kingdom, The Entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and All of Harry Potter.

1. E.T.

1 character, and his name is Van Man.

2. Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

9 characters.

3. Girls (Pilot)

3 characters. So far each of these movies have used a taxi driver or van man.

4. Spotlight

4 characters. 

5. Titanic

3 characters. God bless, Fabrizio.

6. Midnight in Paris

2 characters. An especially meaty role for 1920s partygoer.

7. Her

4 characters. Shoutout to Uncomfortable Waitress.

8. Frances Ha

4 characters.

9. Wet Hot American Summer


10. Jaws

None again!

11. Moonrise Kingdom

One and only one. I guess we're going to miss the hullabaloo after all.

12. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Just a buncha orcs and uruks.

13. The Entire Harry Potter Series

13 between 6 gd movies.