We seem to be living an era where people are just getting dumber and dumber.

Between reality television shows, our ape president and dabbing at your grandma's funeral, it's hard to tell if society's collective IQ is slowly sinking to the bottom of the sea or if we're just jaded

. Luckily, these jokes will rejuvinate your brain juices and give you a good ol' chuckle. 

1. What can I say, science makes me wet. 

nerdy science jokes - water floor water molecules

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2.  Amedo Avogadro is just looking for a reaction. 

nerdy science jokes - hey ladies

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3. The future is Iron Man. 

nerdy science jokes - Fe Male = iron man

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4. Dunno, looks pretty beNINE. 

nerdy science jokes - pun equation

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5. Why, thank you!

nerdy science jokes - NiCe AsS

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6. Now subtract the beer and add my stomach. 

nerdy science jokes - root beer squared is just beer

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7. Stephen Hawking is at the big science con in the sky now. 

nerdy science jokes - photons travel light

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8. I see what you did there, sir. 

nerdy science jokes - physics joke

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9. D'amn. 

nerdy science jokes - can be a bit possessive

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10. King Artuhur can confirm this is a good joke. 

nerdy science jokes - sir cumference

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11. Some people never evolve. 

nerdy science jokes - bacteria culture

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