You constantly see contests for a 'lifetime supply' of certain products, but it seems like you rarely hear the winners stories. Just how much was a lifetime supply? Did they get sick of it? Or did they pawn off the winnings for a bunch of cash? Well, it turns out a lot of the contests are...(shocking) a bit disappointing. Here are the tales of contest wins, good and bad:

1. Congrats, you've won a lifetime supply of BUGS.

CiCi's Pizza gave me a card, after finding caterpillars in the salad bar. For 10 years, I've had free reign; for ten years, I haven't stepped through their door.

Ex_ray_guy /

2. The catch makes this one far less appealing.

I have a dunkin donuts lifetime free card. Won it in a competition about a year and a half ago organised by them. It had about 1000 participants and I was the winner. So I get free donuts for lifetime (the catch is that I can get it only once a week, have to eat it in the outlet itself and can't share with anyone else.)

wales_huobi /

3. That seems uhhhh...misleading?

When I was a kid, the Australian brand Arnott's was running a competition where if you bought their Shapes biscuits you could win all sorts of prizes. After begging my mum for Shapes every time she went to the supermarket, I finally won a prize, which was a lifetime supply of Shapes. Little me was over the moon. But, when my mum took my winning card to be redeemed, the supermarket said they would have to contact the Arnott's company. Well, after waiting months, we finally hear back from Arnott's via a letter saying that they apologise but they cannot honor the competition but instead have sent a $3 cheque reimbursing my mum for the packet of Shapes. So yeah, fuck you Arnott's.

PrestigiousSkirt /

4. Sorry, but I'm still team LEGO.

About fifteen years ago LEGO did a thing where there were gold tabs on the corners of instruction manuals. If you collected enough and mailed them in you'd get a lifetime subscription to the magazine. My brother and I spent all our allowance on sets during that time and got enough to send in! We got the magazine for probably about five years after that, we even moved and got the address changed a few times. They stopped after a while though and would restart for a few months after we called, but eventually we never heard back.

My grandparents bought my dad a lifetime subscription to national geographic as a kid. We have mountains of those yellow pages. When he had no fixed adress they would save all the issues and then ship out the bundle when they found him again.

National geographic > LEGO

c-flower /

5. Hardly a lifetime at all.

In Primary school my school was giving away a "lifetime supply of oreos" and i won but they stopped as soon as i left the school

KokeshiD /

6. One beer every 5+ years. That's the normal amount we all drink, correct?

Colleague of mine won a "year's supply of beer" from a craft brewery in an office raffle. 

They sent her one bottle of beer a month. 12 beers total.

size_matters_not /

7. Finally, a lifetime supply that sounds like they came through.

I won a lifetime supply of coffee beans in a contest.

Each month they mail 4 lbs. of excellent quality coffee beans of my choice. Sometimes I give them away as gifts as I can't use them all.

Back2Bach /

8. 300 cans of pringles in 90 days = 3.33 cans a day. That's a true Pringles fan.

My friend won a "lifetime supply" of pringles. She got something like 300 cans of pringles and they were gone in a few months, but she lives on.

binchh /

9. This card will be passed on for generations.

About 4 years ago I won a cinema premier card, which entitled me to two free movies a week for the duration of a year. The cinema chain dragged their feet when it came to delivering the prize but I persisted and eventually received the card a few months later. Turns out the card has lasted for longer than a year, still currently in use and set to expire in 2116.

Jakes1WP /

10. Oh damn, this sounds amazing.

Not a lifetime supply, but my brother won a year supply of free pizza from our favourite takeout place (It was really good pizza)

The catch? you got 52 pizzas for the year, any size any toppings. You could have them all at once if you wanted, or until you ordered a total of 52. We didn't touch it until we had eachothers birthday parties, turns out ordering 26 pizzas for your birthday is pretty awesome.

tinytom08 /


Lifetime supply of Redhots, I legit fucking hate Redhots and they just sent me another supply this last weekend. I HATE RED HOTS!

GuardingxCross /

12. I'll take 20 bags for 60 cents.

Not lifetime, but my family won a year's supply of M&Ms from one of those 1lb bags. They sent us a box of 365 manufacturer's coupons, each redeemable for one snack size bag, which expired after one year.

Unfortunately, the stores we went to didn't really know how to deal with non-store coupons, so it was always a hassle to try to use them. And we still had to pay sales tax, so it was kinda awkward picking up 20 bags and still needing to have $0.60 on you.

We ended up giving most of the coupons away. This was in the mid-90s, when only regular and peanut M&Ms existed, and there's only so many of those you can eat in a year.

dentttt /

13. Damn, they totally didn't need to include a raft, but did anyways. I respect that, Keebler.

My cousin won a lifetime supply of keebler cookies and a keebler inflatable raft. The irony that he wasnt allowed sweets was not lost on 6 y.o. me. I was a fat kid and dripping with jealousy.

rockstang /

14. Once a month? Hmm. I don't think that's worth a campout. Just sayin'.

Our local Krispy Kreme burned down one day, and about a year later it reopened. The first 100 people in the door were given free donuts for a year and #1 got them for life. A friend and I camped out overnight with over 100 other people, the first guy in line was there for an entire week. We ended up getting our year of donuts, and it was a punch card which let us each come back once a month for a free dozen donuts.

balloonninjas /

15. Oh god. I imagine your tongue would just slowly deteriorate before falling off, if you ate these every damn day.

My sister won a lifetime supply of sour warhead candies.. but they stopped sending them after a few years too. I think it was a blessing that they stopped actually.

joshs85 /