funny sex tweets - checking grades to remember how it feels to get fucked

Been a long time since you've done the deed? Join the pal club. We're all out here jotting in our Captain's Log about the struggle. One day we will have sex. Soon. Until then...we must drudge forward.

1. The ice cream man gave me a bit of a weird look 

2. Thank you Papa

3. Watch out you just ordered from the secret menu and you're not gonna like it

4. Why don't you come on down from there lil guy and cuddle up

5. This tweet needs Jesus

6. Well don't leave the mosquito hanging, suck him back

7. Also, I need bumpers on the sides of the lanes please

8. This is just dangerous

9.  Hell yeah

10. Wow you really did didn't you

11. 4 out of 5 dentists agree, this girl freaky

12. RIP

13. You can get it, also can you check out this mole on my back real quick

14. Now I must be off, Gaming needs me

15. Can't be out in the woods looking like this, tree

16. Don't even mind that it's screamed wrong

17. Keep on keeping on, brother