Just because you haven't had sex yet doesn't mean you're some kind of loser. If you really think about it, sex is kind of incredibly disgusting: two sweaty, grunting humnans mashing their genitals into holes and rubbing themselves with lube and doing...ear stuff?

Yeah, that sounds right, ear stuff.

P.S. I'm not a virgin. 

1. This kid is going places. Maybe not to bed with a woman, but still, places. 

proud virgins - still a virgin because 'never loses'

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2. Do not tempt me with your sexts, harlot!

proud virgins - no phone sex ></p>
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3. Good for her-wait a second....

proud virgins - virgin as an example to her children

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proud virgins - virgin as an example to her children

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5. I'm a virgin because I respect women not for any other weird reasons like asking girls what their panties smell like. 

proud virgins - he's a virgin bc he respects women

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6. I'm sorry m'lady, but I will defend my sacred celibacy to the death. 

proud virgins - when someone tries to steal your virginity

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7. Dragons>Pussy 

proud virgins - if you cant slay pussy slay dragons

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8. Skippy is the proudest Utah virgin there is, and that's where mormons are from, so that says a lot.

proud virgins - proudest virgin

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9. I'm still a virgin because I am TOO PURE!

proud virgins - eau claire confessions

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10. Not all heroes wear condoms. 

proud virgins - 4chan not all heroes wear condoms

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