While most of us are living paycheck to paycheck or are in student loan debt up to our eyes, there's the insanely wealthy 1% out there wasting money like only the insanely wealthy 1% know how. So buckle up people, you're about to get jealous and angry.

1. And in case you're wondering, those tour guides make roughly...$12/hr.

I'm a VIP tour guide at Walt Disney World. Each guide costs $600/hour and charging starts when you ask us to meet you, whether you're there or not. A family booked two of us multiple days in a row and wouldn't show up until typically 2-3 hours into being charged. $7k+ overall paid for tour time they didn't use. Didn't care at all.

gatejejf / Reddit.com

2. Damn, not even room temp chips. Cold.

I work as a freelance musician and often stand in for wedding bands; have worked at lots of weddings where clearly the families have crazy money.

One thing I always see at the fancier events without fail is a TONNE of amazing, fully prepared food and expensive drink being tipped/thrown away at the end of the night.

When I asked about it once, I was told by one of the staff that a lot of catering companies are trained to prepare enough of every menu option so that if everyone orders the same thing, they have enough. What happens in reality is they tip away enough food to feed the wedding party (often of 200+ people) another two times over.

Particularly annoying when the band are served cold chips as their 'evening meal' because "we couldn't stretch the budget, sorry!"

On a more positive note, one of the funniest things I've ever seen was a drummer successfully sneak out of a catering tent, having liberated a whole wheel of cheese that night.

SolidSizzle / Reddit.com

3. That's just a legendary salesman, right there.

Someone buying a £20 extended 3 year warranty on a £6 kettle.

Atarisrocks / Reddit.com

4. Some people collect weird shit.

My roommate plays Fortnite and buys every single skin that come out. Every. One.

mr_burrito / Reddit.com

5. At least it's the nicest looking lawn ornament out there.

I know a guy who purchased a second car.

His first car is a mustang. His second is an Audi.

He is a single father,. 

His payment arrangement is 400 per month. He didn't try to talk it down.

The car is 10 years old.

His mustang isn't paid off.

He works on my team in the same position as I have. My wife and I together can barely afford our 250 per month single car payment.

And the best part?

He can't drive a stick. His new car is a stick.

He hasn't learned to drive a stick. It's been 3 years.

He's been doing all of this and struggling for 3 years for a lawn ornament.

Effendoor / Reddit.com

6. It would be very funny if this man was NOT rich and was just horrible at problem solving.

My boyfriend's dad owns 7 different Apple Watches because he didn't want to change the bands out.

handsome_colon / Reddit.com

7. But that week? The week of his life.

Few years back i used to make cast molded pewter figurines for DnD. I could buy $25 worth of pewter, and mke about 50-75 figurines, which i sold for $10-$50 each (depending on the size).

Had a guy come to me, buy EVERY figurine i was able to make (i had 72 different molds) for a cost of $900.

Said he was going to get deep into DnD...week later he gave up on the game because he couldnt figure out the battle system....

WeirdWolfGuy / Reddit.com

8. I'm an ELITE idiot.

I work at a car dealership as an apprentice mechanic, now I've seen many examples of people wasting their money, be it car parts, dumb accessories, whatever the list goes on. But there was this one guy that would spend literally 75$ on a car freshener, and bragged about it, constantly.

He'd call himself "elite" because he bought these 75$ pieces of scented cardboard. I dont know what went through his mind every time he'd buy one of them.

BigJo101 / Reddit.com

9. Amazing how companies can be this dumb collectively.

One from the late 1990's....

A large multinational engineering firm was given orders to eliminate "unnecessary overhead expenses."

One of their departments had a large conference coming up. About half the attendees were going to attend by teleconference. In those days, "teleconferencing" was done in dedicated rooms with CRT monitors and cameras.

The use of these rooms was classified as an "overhead expense". But business travel was not.

So, in the name of Saving Money, all the teleconference arrangements were canceled, and all attendees were flown in to attend in person.

CliftonForce / Reddit.com

10. Sure as HELL don't want Aquafina in my crevices.

Some rich dude in the Hamptons buying a pallet of Fiji bottled water. For his hot tub.

wwishie / Reddit.com

11. Wow hurt by boxes then spends all his settlement on xboxes. Full circle.

When he was 8 my Buddy got hurt in a supermarket because of random boxes in the walkway his mom sued and he got rewarded $18,000 in a settlement however he wasn't able to touch the money till he was 18

anyway...when he turned 18 in 2009 he got all of the money all at once, he immediatly went out and bought TVs (the biggest of course) and xbox 360s for 4 family members, then he paid the $500 down payment on a brand new car and leased it for $350/mo went to a local sit down restaurant and paid for others to eat there multiple times and i dont even want to think about his online shopping.

This went on for a Month-and-a-half, one day one of his friends made him a deal, it buy him a laptop (of equal value at the time) for his xbox 360, they went to the store and went to pay for it, his debit card got denied, when he checked his balance he had about $150 in his account.

ACuddlyVizzerdrix / Reddit.com

12. Those things BETTER self-lace.

Had a friend who was in his late 20s and lived with his parents (100% dependent). 

Dude worked a part time job and said he was saving money for something big. We all assumed he meant like moving out or a trip out of the country or something. 


This mf bought a $750 pair of SNEAKERS and then put them in a display case. 

I haven't spoken to him in about a year.

azrblz229 / Reddit.com

13. Folllow that man around and hope he accidentally drops a 10k chip.

In Las Vegas in 2000 at the Bellagio I watched a guy walk up to a high roller blackjack table. He was being followed by a security guard and some guy in a suit carrying what we guesstimated at about $300k in chips. He sat and played blackjack by himself. We watched for about 45 minutes and he had already lost over $150k...never once showed any emotion.

No clue who the guy was, he was dressed like a stereotypical white grandpa in jean shorts, a polo shirt, and white new balance tennis shoes.

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