There are some things that are terrifying and we can explain exactly why that is. And then there's these pictures that are truly a nightmare for a lot of reasons that we can't quite place. 

Not that we need an explanation for why something frightens us, since that's pretty subjective. It's like, yeah that's a creepy doll filled with spiders but have you SEEN Willem Dafoe's face?

1. I would hate to see what happens when you shift into third gear. 

Oddly Terrifying Things - severed hand gear shift

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2. Zuckerberg is using the human filter. 

Oddly Terrifying Things - mark zuckerberg human face filter

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3. Holy GOD you can literally feel this picture and now you're probably incredibly itchy just EVERYWHERE. 

Oddly Terrifying Things - girl covered with bugs

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4. Filling up a hose or filling up a nightmare tube that's ready to strangle you in your sleep?

5. Who's a good grown man? You are! You are! Now please don't murder me. 

Oddly Terrifying Things - human looking dog

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6. The hand bone's connected to the knee bone and the knee bone's connected to the wrist bone?

Oddly Terrifying Things - weird knee photo

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7. We're gonna need a bigger ship. Okay, not this big, please scale it down a little bit. 

Oddly Terrifying Things - cruise ship vs titanic

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8. This is how Thanksgiving will be celebrated in 3024. 

Oddly Terrifying Things - turkey with octopus

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9. Slender Teddy will give you a little thigh choke hold. 

Oddly Terrifying Things - weird giant teddy bear

Oddly Terrifying Things - weird giant teddy bear

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10. Do not feed the Lemon Baby. NEVER feed the Lemon Baby. 

Oddly Terrifying Things - terrfiying lemon baby

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11. Give me paw! Actually, maybe don't. 

Oddly Terrifying Things - dog wearing gloves

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12. Who lives in a pineapple in the deep depths of hell?

Oddly Terrifying Things - scary spongebob

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13. Art may imitate life, but life should NEVER imitate art and this is the solid proof. 

Oddly Terrifying Things - creepy drawing

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