1. I call fake, those 2 animals aren't friends.

2. A harsh truth.

3. Nobody fucks with a kangaroo and gets away with it.

animal tweets - shea Lebeouf vs kangaroo

source / Twitter.com, source / Instagram.com

4. Thank god. Marvin lives another day.

source / Twitter.com

5. Cool I'll be there.

6. Ouch.

7. Tim, take some time off. Relax. Take a vacation.

8. lol naaah oh shit wai-

9. They're older and wiser now.

10. It's an INVESTMENT.

11. Good point. From now on the phrase is 'serious goose'.

12. That's some serioud doggo love.

13. How have giraffes made it this far?

animal tweets - giraffe vs unicorn

source / Twitter.com