If these people were any more transparent, we'd be scared that they might be ghosts. And the real problem with ghosts is you can't sue them in a court of law for falsifying statements. 

Luckily, there's such a thing as INTERNET JUSTICE and these lie babies are about to get served a healthy portion of "yeah okay, sure that happened." 

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1. Forget the opioid crisis, the pomegranate crisis is on the rise. 

social media liars - pomegranate overdose

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social media liars

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3. And they lived happily ever after in Never Never Did This Happen Land. 

social media liars - getting kissed by most popular guy in school

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4. So glad someone is defending the objectification of women! 

social media liars - defending busty women everywhere

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5. He's def a water bender with a vibe that crazy and a thirst so unquenchable. 

social media liars - overpowering vibe

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6. And he definitely didn't buy this for himself. 

social media liars - pokemon master

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7. Yeah! Fuck people enjoying themselves, those assholes!

social media liars

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8. Plot twist: the teacher is Satan and sent him to detention.

social media liars - satanist with magic thunder powers

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9. And then the spirit of Picasso gave him a BJ. 

social media liars - genius painter

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10. Wow, this man deserves a Purple Heart. So brave. 

social media liars - serious power move

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11. Then the actual literal plane started clapping. 

social media liars - little girl shows up atheist

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12. Getting laid is so easy when you know how to fix a truck. 

social media liars - dude definitely gets laid in a truck

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