funny tweets - handsome ryan reynolds


Twitter can be a rough place - there's lots of harrassment, Nazis, threats, and general arguing and drama that you find in most places online. But also? Some pretty funny people, making some pretty funny tweets. Here are some of the best ones lately:

1. This would be the dream.

2. Well....he's not WRONG.

3. Empathy for fellow service industry workers is this generation's weakness.

4. The prophet Britney told us eons ago...

5. Dance like no one's watching...and like nothing's exploding behind you.

6. And if you ever see them again, hide behind something, wait for them to leave, then flee the country and change your identity.

7. Thanks, abstinence-only education!

8. But seriously PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP???

9. "And this clear, flavorless, bubble-less soda labeled 'Water'? Fantastic."

10. "They're probably just very good buddies and roommates. And that child is their nephew."