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We live in a culture not only of TOXIC masculinity, but of INCREDIBLY FRAGILE masculinity - where men feel the need to "act" more masculine than they would normally and specifically AVOID doing anything that could be even mildly perceived as immasculating or (*gasp*) effeminate. And dudes will go to EXTRAORDINARY LENGTHS of dickishness and idiocy to maintain some fragile illusion that they're basically John Wayne crossed with Bear Grylls. And it always makes them look ridiculous, stupid, and childish - as these stories prove.

1. "I DEMAND YOU CHARGE ME MORE MONEY!" is a sure sign of the fragilest masculinity (from Truedeal)

At a school dance it was cheaper to get in if you were a couple, I can't remember exactly how much it was probly 10 or 20 bucks cheaper. The teacher at the door was cool so even if you came with your group of guy friends he would just pair you off and charge you the cheaper price. These two jock type guys refused to be paired together and demanded they each pay thier separate entrance fee.

2. Man food is ONLY beef jerky, beer, and bratwurst. If you're not suffering from scurvy, you're not a real man. (from ktut1990)

Was giving out samples of yogurt at the grocery store. Offer a man some. Looks in disgust "Woman food!" He was a grown man probably in his late 30s, early 40s.

What the fuck is "woman food"?!

3. Getting soaked for no reason is incredibly male. (from TheKnightsTippler)

It was raining and I offered a guy my umbrella and he refused, saying they were for just for women.

I didn't even know that was a thing.

4. Everyone knows that when you buy something, that means you're saying it is ONLY for you and no one else. "Doing a favor for someone" is a myth. (from LoveMeTenderloin)

My best friend unexpectedly had a very heavy period hit her out of nowhere while at work. She bled noticeably through her pants. She asked her boyfriend to drive to the store and pick up some tampons and a change of pants.

He showed up later with some pants and no tampons. He didn't want to be seen buying them. He was twenty four.

5. What is it with guys and refusing to stand under the same umbrella? (from featheredfelon)

Two male classmates and I were on a fieldtrip and got caught in the rain. I had a raincoat, and Guy1 had an umbrella. He offered to share it with the Guy2, who had no rain gear. Guy2 insisted it was gay to share an umbrella with another man. He would only use the umbrella if he carried it, while I walked under it with him and Guy1 borrowed my raincoat. This didn't fly because

A. I wasn't about to give up my raincoat for the paltry protection lent by huddling under an umbrella, and

B. Guy1 would not have fit my raincoat.

So Guy2 got soaked.

6. Common themes in fragile men: getting soaked by the rain and being terrible boyfriends.(from Truedeal)

Stepbrother is the type of guy that refuses to hold his girlfriends purse. Once at a small family dinner she went to the bathroom, after a minute she must have texted him and he goes to check on her, they quietly argued a little and were clearly mad but trying to hide it the whole night after. Turns out she needed a tampon from her purse and he wouldn't even bring the purse to her, she had to text my sister to bring it to her.

7. This is why you ALWAYS check for fragile masculinity BEFORE hooking up. (from gabyelle)

A man I was hooking up with wouldn't wear my pink hair tie to hold his dreads back during sex.... in the dark....with just me and him in the room.

8. Love having a normal conversation about committing assault because of haircut similarity. (from giantsfan28)

I work with an insane over the top alpha ego fuck boy. We all go out for drinks one night and he literally tells me I should go fight a random stranger in the bar because we have a similar hair cut. Obviously I think he's joking cause that's fucking ridiculous. But no, he's dead serious and goes onto to call me fucking pussy and says how soft I am. Goes on to tell me about all the bar fights he has been in. Needless to say, we don't invite him for drinks anymore.

9. "Fragile masculinity" is often a synonym for "completely deranged" (from Dead_Dispositioner)

Some years back I had a guy block me on FB and stop talking to me at work because I posted a pic of me in make-up that my daughter did and then a second pic of me in a sarong with same make up.

She was 10 and wanted a model to work on. It was hilarious fun and it will be a long lived great memory of me and my little girl having a good laugh.

Apparently he was talking behind my back about me being gay and I was teaching my daughter the wrong things about what 'being a man' meant and what girls should expect. The other blokes are as crazy as me and didn't think much of him.

He even went as far as telling the SO he did not think I was the right person to be working and sleeping at the station with other men. (I'm a Fire fighter)

This is a guy who was divorced twice and estranged from his kids. Has at least one violence order against him that I've since learnt about.

He was a shit worker and only lasted 8months.

10. A good way to prank people like this is to trick them into joining ISIS by saying it stands for "International Straights Injoying Sex." Yes, I know "enjoying" is spelled wrong, but clearly words are NOT their strong suit. (from TIE_LnPilot)

Returned a Christmas gift from his wife because he was concerned GAP stood for Gay and Proud. Almost sold his JEEP when being joking told it was renamed to cover up G.P. standing for Gay Pride.

Same person thought being called homophobic was synonymous being called a closeted homosexual. I suppose when so many anti-gay legislators end up caught in scandals this isn't a huge stretch.