Some parents don't need a parenting book, they're just BORN with the knowledge of what makes a parent great. Oftentimes, what is best for you is a nice healthy dose of sarcastic humor that you will hopefully pass down for generations to come.

1. This mom sent their kid an Easter 'care package.'

hilarious mom tricks - happy easter

meradav /

2. After getting grounded, this person's mom gave them this.

hilarious mom tricks - grounded game

Klaroline /

3. This mom dressed as her son for Halloween.

hilarious mom tricks - mom son costume

Flintor /

4. Don't try to pull this trick on your mom or else.

 SlimJones123 /

5. You know Dave, you've had enough happy birthdays.

hilarious mom tricks - you suck cake

ggbuttstead /

6. Never too old to prank your kid's ass.

demevalos /

7. This mom had to excuse her daughter's tardiness at school.

hilarious mom tricks - tardy note

ApacheWarBird /

8. This 27 year old was staying on their parent's couch for the night. Naturally the mom did this:

hilarious mom tricks - superhero sheets

whatislife4 /

9. What a way to go out.

hilarious mom tricks - ashes in the hourglass

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10. This kid wanted to be a road for Halloween so the mom made the costume, no questions asked.

hilarious mom tricks - cute road costume

Messyhook /

11. This daughter needed a bookmark. Luckily her mom had the perfect fix.

hilarious mom tricks - mom bookmark cutout

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