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If you've EVER worked a shitty job (aka "pretty much any job"), you've dreamed of just quitting on the spot when some bullshit comes up. Your boss is yelling at you about some stupid thing that's getting blamed on you even though it wasn't your fault, some customer is being more of a dick than usual, or the accumulated crap of it all just finally gets to you - and you do the unthinkable and ACTUALLY QUIT. Like, throw your uniform in the boss's face and say "take this job and shove it."

Of course, most of us are too cowardly to actually go through with that kind of confrontational, bold move. Plus, we kiiinda need the money and the reference on our resume going forward. That's why we have to live vicariously through this AMAZING r/AskReddit thread - and below, we gathered some of our favorites:

1. Stories of quitting on the spot are the most satisfying things imaginable. Oh man. (from VictorBlimpmuscle)

When I was in college, I waited tables at a restaurant that was open on Thanksgiving - after I had already worked the lunch shift (covering for someone who took off for the holiday), I was ready to finish my shift and head out so I could have Thanksgiving dinner with my family when my manager informed me that they were going to need me to cover dinner shift too because one of the older waitresses called out (probably to spend thanksgiving with her family). When I told him I had plans already, he said I needed to cover the shift since I had the least seniority and "they wouldn't need someone who isn't a team player" (implying I'd be fired) if I didn't cover it. I told him "I don't need this job that much to miss Thanksgiving dinner with my family" and handed in my apron and left and never returned.

2. This is better than heroin. (from jewishpinoy)

Worked at Staples. Got transfered to a shitty store where I moved.

After being top of sales for 3 months, new boss tells me I am the worse seller he ever saw. He told me I didn't sell a single extra warranty for the month and a half I was there and stuff.

Told him I was there for 3 months and was on top of regional charts for that entire time.

He told me no, that I had no proof.

I got up and left his office. He follows me in the store almost yelling for me to comeback and that he wasn't done.

I took my shirt off, put in on a shelf and left.

I got a call next morning. My supervisor calls me, tellinng me the manager fucked up and wanted me back. He mistook me for another guy with the same first name as me.

I told them to politely fuck off and that they would never see me again.

3. It's a litttttle difficult to envision much of a better reason to miss work. (from ChillChats)

I worked for a local Target in electronics. A store manager who was not my direct manager called me at my father's funeral to ask where I was and why I wasn't at the electronics boat (cash register).

Days earlier I had told my manager that I wouldn't be there because I had to attend my father's funeral, was told it was okay. But this other manager just wasn't having it and explained to me that she was in the store the same day her child was born.

I have never worked for a more ignorant and inept manager.

4. "Being left for dead" is a pretty good excuse to quit. (from papasmurf61)

I was working in a ski shop at a local ski resort. They used a shuttle to ferry us up and down the canyon since most employees lived in a town nearby. They asked me if I was taking the shuttle and said yes, but that I needed to put away the cash drawer real quick.

When I finished and went down to meet them, they were gone. I was stuck on the mountain, without a vehicle, in -17 degree weather. Luckily my family had a cabin about ten miles away to which I had a key. But I emailed my resignation on my walk to the cabin.

5. This is what everyone wanted to do at every shitty job they've ever had. The difference is ACTUALLY DOING IT. (from DrKillFactory)

Car wash calls me in 2 hours early so I didn't eat breakfast. After 8 hours with no break I demanded a lunch break and they laughed. Then I saw a guy who had an easier job that got there after me just stop working, buy a coke and sit down in the office with the manager to chill.

My buddy and I said nope we're done. Walked in and we said we quit. 'But you can't quit?!?' 'Fucking watch me!'

I put down my key and we walked out. There was more to it but it's just details. Great feeling. I was 18 at the time.

6. Hmmm why wouldn't this person be motivated? Jeez, reeeal headscratcher. (from Eh-Merican)

I had a boss that would schedule me 6 days a week, all split shifts (which would generally be 10-3, then 5-10) which pretty much took up all my time. One day she was on my ass about how i don't seem 'motivated' to be here, that I'm lazy and to come back after my split with a better attitude. I told her I'm not coming back and she can fuck off.

7. If you've ever waited tables for a big private party, prepare for your blood to boil. (from ThisMayBeADrill)

Was a server in a shitty restaurant where the owners kids were managers and had no prior work experience. One kid set up a deal with a bank for a private party, and I ended up just serving and bar tending for this group of 20-30 my entire shift. Comes time for them to pay the hill, and the manager that set up the special deal (it was a limited menu but for a huge discounted/set price) wasn't there, so the manager that was there assumed the previously discussed amount included tip (20% minimum on groups of 8 or more). It did not. So after closing out, I was informed that due to their miscommunication, I would not be receiving any money at all. Moreso, because I served many of the patrons alcohol I had to tip out the bartender at the main bar, even though I actually bartender by myself at the wine bar.

So this little asshat wanted me to pay something like $150 at the end of a full shift. Walked out and never went back. Place shit down a few months later, to the surprise of no one.

8. I'm hatin' it! (from foogers)

It was just when I was in highschool working at McDonald's. Before they would give you a raise you had to do all this bullshit, train people, watch videos, take quizzes, really easy but annoying and tedious. I did all of this, didn't get a raise. I asked every store manager and they said that it would show up on my next check. Eventually I called the regional manager who had put his phone up in the break room, but he answered "Don't call this number" and hung up on me. So I told my boss I quit and just walked out.

9. Working at McDonald's may not be worth getting free fries - although they ARE solid. (from alphierose)

I quit on the spot from McDonald's because I couldn't find the trash bags (weren't in any of the closets or the 2-3 random places they were usually at). I asked a manager if he had seen them and he said "oh my god, are you a fucking retard?" And pulled them out from a location I had never seen them before in the two years I had worked there. I just started laughing and I was like hey, I'll be back in 20 minutes. Went home, changed, and brought all my uniforms. I had two other jobs and was only working there two nights a week so I wasn't too worried about using them for a resume or anything.

10. Fun fact: most managers are inhuman monsters. (from WE_Coyote73)

I had just started working at a secure psychiatric facility for emotionally disturbed children at the start of the summer (end of May). At the interview I told the HR person that I had a pre-planned trip home for later in the summer and that since I was driving I was going to be away for two weeks (I hadn't been home to see my family for 2 years). I made it clear to her that if this was going to be a problem to let me know right then and I would seek employment elsewhere. She reassured me it wouldn't be a problem and that she would leave a note in my file saying as much.

So the time for my trip nears, I give them the two weeks notice as agreed upon at the interview but my immediate supervisor refuses to approve the time off. Figuring it was a miscommunication I tell the immediate super about the interview agreement with HR, that the issue was already settled at the initial interview. So she gives me this run-around and asks me to give her a couple of days to come up with a solution. Next day she calls me into her office and has the balls to say "OK, I know how we can work this. You can work a double shift on Sat (18 hours mind you) then leave for home right after and make your drive (30 hours non-stop) visit your family for 3 days then drive back (30 hours non-stop) and arrive in time to work another double."

I couldn't stop myself. I laughed uncontrollably. I asked her if she was seriously suggesting I stay awake for 48 hours straight, 30 of those spent on highways crossing the country. She just gave me this stupid smile and said "yes, you can do it. You have a responsability to the center." I laughed in her face and told her I wouldn't work for such a cess-pool, a place that would dare suggest I put my personal safety in harm's way and wouldn't honor an agreement made.

I quit in the spot. I was still scheduled for the rest of that week, they had the nerve to call me at home that night asking if I was coming-in. I told the person who called "no way in hell" and I told him what happened. Then the super called me and basically said I had to come in, I was scheduled. I suggested she could cover my shift, I mean she already worked 9 hours, what was another 18, she could do it.

I left for my trip the next day.

11. BLESS THIS PERSON. (from shannondoeh)

I worked at a call centre in Canada that sold phone packages for a major US phone network. It was cold calls and we could see the customer's average monthly phone bill when we were speaking to them. I had an elderly lady whose bill was in the $30 a month range, never made long distance calls didn't want or need voicemail etc. I didn't even bother trying to sell her a package worth $120 a month. I didn't know I was being audited on that call, and was called into the managers office and had a strip tore off me.. Quit on the spot.

12. ..."saved it for him"?! (from bolognaSandywich)

I worked at a grocery store as a bagger and they asked me to clean a DESTROYED bathroom. I mean shit everywhere. All over the toilet, the walls, the fucking ceiling!? Anyways I said this is not worth my minimum wage and left. Worst part is my friend got me the job there and they saved it for him to clean the next day. He quit on the spot also.