Movie star and Twitter comedian extraordinaire Anna Kendrick is everything we wish we could be if we weren't stuck in our own stupid gremlin bodies. 

If nothing else, at least we can enjoy her from afar (that restraining order she served us demands we still at least 3 years away from her at all times). 

anna kendrick tweets

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1. Same, tho. 

2. Who needs pants when all you do is jerk it?

3. What...what the fuck is this?

4. You should only worry if Patrick Swayze starts to teach you how to walk through walls. 

5. You can see is peepee...hehehehe...

6. Why can't I be more wet when I'm just sitting around?

7. *laughs nervously*

8. What do you mean this thing I'll never wear again is a "waste of money"?

9. We're stuck on the fourth phase. 

10. I have a secret. It's that I eat packets of ramen powder to feel something. 

11. Ew, what's this green stuff? BOOGERS?!

12. Is it bad if the only pants you have without a drawstring are the sweatpants where they got pulled out?


14. Lord of the Funk.