Who's got two thumbs, billions of dollars, and is hot off the presses from not helping at all to get 12 boys and their soccer coach out from a Thailand cave they were stuck in by creating an unwieldy submarine that Thai volunteers deemed unusable?

That's right folks, it's Elon Musk - and he ain't done yet. He has turned around quickly from this endeavor and since pledged to fix the Flint water contamination in Michigan. 

Which, hey! Is great! The man is certainly trying at least to do good with his Scrooge McDuck pool of coins. But will this new endeavor prove more fruitful than his submarine? Hopefully! Only time will tell. Until then, of course, Twitter as a whole will be roasting his ass ruthlessly. 

1. No goddamn respect

2. The store is also on Mars

3. If you joke about Elon, the boys will come after you

4. Tiger Blood

5. Introducing: The SpaceX AssFinder

6. We should've never made Paypal a thing

7. I would do anything for you sir

8. Elon, ya gotta chill

9. We're just like the rest of you, okay! 

10. Yeah ok but don't forget he left the submarine there for them 

11. No I insist, enjoy the Natty Ice

12. Mlem