If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, let these people at least serve as a cautionary tale. You get what you pay for, so you better be paying a decent amount if you want to get decent work. 

Unless you want to end up with a shitty tattoo and Hep C, in which case go ahead and get that back alley tattoo from that weird dude who sells you weed. 

1. Betty Oops. 

tattoo fails - betty boop

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2. Mikey Mouse has been up on PCP for 4 days straight trying to sell his neighbor's lawnmower for parts.

tattoo fails - mickey mouse

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3. The Grim Reaper is like "come on, man, I don't really look like that do I?"

tattoo fails - grim reaper

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4. You can't convince me for one second that this minion isn't begging for the sweet release of death.

tattoo fails - despicable me

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5. Someone sure loves amoebas a whole lot. 

tattoo fails - dumb lips

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6. Someone please pull the stick out of this wolf's nose. 

tattoo fails - wolf or something

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7. That moon ain't right. 

tattoo fails - king of the hill erotic tattoo

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8. Make the Queen proud, young lad!

tattoo fails - england tattoo

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9. Poor little Gonzo-lookin' feller never had a chance. 

tattoo fails - very weird tiger

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10. Dunk hoops don't lose hoops!

tattoo fails - never lose hoop

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11. Looks like you have enough Benjamin's already, don't need any of mine. 

tattoo fails - butt tattoo cash pockets

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12. I don't know, something about this really caught my eye. 

tattoo fails - jordan logo dunking eye ball

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tattoo fails - very bad portrait

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