When you work at a shitty job, a good portion of your day is spent day-dreaming of fun, vindictive ways to quit and go out an office legend. A lot of the time, that day finally arrives and you simply do nothing because, well, irl you're a coward. These people, though, went out like goddamn champions of the workspace.

1. A satisfying way to go out if you're a sign-changer.

clever quitting - quitting marquee

peaceman582 / Reddit.com

2. Well played, Alex.

clever quitting - quitting condolences card

springmint5 / Reddit.com

3. Strong language, but delicious cookie. Everything evens out.

clever quitting - quitting cake

jarrod964 / Reddit.com

4. Simple. Classic.

clever quitting - dinosaur and two week notice

remguru / Reddit.com

5. Hope you are friends with 8-10 buff/jacked men.

clever quitting - parking trap

peaceman582 / Reddit.com

6. This designer deserves more money.

clever quitting - designer quits

assumetehposition / Reddit.com

7. This is the future of job quitting.

clever quitting - drake card

jeffy29 / Reddit.com

8. Fun to see shitty bosses get what they deserve.

clever quitting - door sign

jeseely / Reddit.com

9. The best subtle way to quit a job you dislike.

clever quitting - price tag

mastranios / Reddit.com

10. A classy way to go out.

clever quitting - jack daniels

source / imgur.com

11. Alright, this person technically got fired, but still pretty great.

clever quitting - highway sign

Slappyjay / Reddit.com