A lot of the time in life, we get stuck in a routine and we struggle to get out of it. Trying something new scares our robot-brain so we stick with what we know. But guess what? That's dumb and we're missing out on a bunch of cool shit by doing this. These 12 people gave some weird stuff a try and recommend you do too, because hey you might find a new favorite thing.

1. Sometimes your body just needs to float in a dark chamber of solitude.

Sensory Deprivation Chamber

A lot of people think of it as only a mental therapy but I found it better than a massage.

kukukele / Reddit.com

2. I feel like this could make me more stressed.

Writing down your thoughts and problems. Let's you put stuff in perspective instead of replaying the same thoughts over and over.

kcins / Reddit.com

3. Now THIS I immediately like.

Grilled peanut butter and jelly. It's a pb and j cooked like a grilled cheese. You are welcome in advance.

MeowSchwitzInThere / Reddit.com

4. Perfect for the guilty pleasure, shitty movies.

Going to the movies alone

NateDiddly / Reddit.com

5. This is a good one.

Listening to different genres of music every now and then that you are not familiar with or don't particularly like. You may come across something that you love.

DeadlyFunk / Reddit.com

6. All abooooooaaard.

Soy sauce in mashed potatoes. Be careful not to overdo it, but it can be a game changer. A little sour cream or cheese and you got yourself a one way ticket to flavortown.

jujug_28 / Reddit.com

7. Sounds horrible, but hey I trust you, internet stranger.

The mixed drink known as a "Lunchbox." Pour a can of cheap beer into a tall glass, top it off with orange juice, and add a shot or so of amaretto. Every friend I've told about it said it sounds gross, but every one of them loved it when I made them one.

DannyDevitosHairline / Reddit.com

8. I feel like this one is on a lot of people's to-do lists.

Yoga. Especially if you are active and old

Etoxins / Reddit.com

9. Also, mustard in iced coffee. Just a nice big healthy squirt right on top.

A few of dashes of Tabasco in an espresso. Someone tried to prank me with a spicy espresso once, turns out it's delicious.

JimmySinner / Reddit.com

10. People need to get over any online dating stigma. It's 2018 y'all.

Online dating.

I used to be one of those people who wanted to meet the love of my life organically and only downloaded a dating app when I wasn't down for a serious commitment. 

Ironically, that's how I met my boyfriend. We lived two blocks away from each other growing up, attended the same high school, rode the same bus, were in the same club, and shared a ton of close mutual friends. We had every opportunity to meet organically, but it took Tinder to bring us together.

uglyhag / Reddit.com

11. I've yet to give it a try, but I'm only hearing good things.

Dungeons and Dragons. As a kid I hated the thought of even trying it because of the negative connotations that went along with being a "geek", but as I got older I slowly started to look into it more. Found some friends of mine who played it, made a character and started a campaign with them... then I became obsessed. I'd never had more fun in my life! Nothing had taken me by storm like that before, and now a year and a bit later I DM games for coworkers who I introduce it to and I am still playing in that campaign! It's an out of this world experience.

RoRoTheRanger / Reddit.com

12. There's literally a podcast for every interest. What's not to love?


I went so long assuming podcasts were boring; listening to people talk for an hour? No thanks. Recently tried listening to one on a run and I'm hooked. You can learn so many things about history, philosophy, current trends etc. all while working out, driving somewhere, shopping etc.

SynyzaL / Reddit.com