Miss church this week? Don't worry, we've got you covered. These 11 memes are equally as holy as any sermon a preacher could deliver and also have the added bonus of not putting you to sleep. So carry on, glance the memes and be delivered to the promised land.

1. It is always on our mind.

christian memes - he must be thinking about other women meme

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2. We must snac.

christian memes - he protec, he attac, he multiply snac

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3. He's me and I am him.

christian memes -

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4. Fuuuuuck.

christian memes - falling asleep in church

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5. Some of these pokemon look angry. I do not trust it.

christian memes - pokemon

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6. Be safe and vigilant.

christian memes - lusty gf

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7. Gotta do as he says.

*God making asparagus*

Angel: nice, it'll be healthy for them to eat

God: and make their pee smell weird

Angel: what

God: what

Humans: what

-- Jeremy Cline (@jeremy_cline) July 6, 2018

8. This sign is for him and also those lizards I've seen in gifs.

christian memes - no running ></p>
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9. I'm sold.

christian memes - good boi jesus

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10. True, slightly louder than dynamite.

christian memes - singing next verse too early

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11. You're blessed, bro.

christian memes - baptize kids with monster energy drinks

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