Getting through the day can be awfully tedious, especially when it's beautiful outside and your stuck making excel spreadsheets for satan. That's why we're here for you, our #1 compadres!

If you need a break from the monotony of the day-to-day bullshit, then please take a gander at these magical nerdtastic Tumblr posts.

They may not be able to crunch numbers for you, but they can help you with your hikikomori.

1. That boy ain't waifu. 

nerdy tumblr posts - king of the hill

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2. Engage thumb sucking. 

nerdy tumblr posts - hax0r sheets

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3. Ew, get reality away from me. 

nerdy tumblr posts

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5. If I don't find fanart of this in 2 hours, I'm gonna fucking lose it. 

nerdy tumblr posts

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6. Aw, honey...

nerdy tumblr posts - yu gi oh character

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7. Harry Potter and the Shit That Got Too Real. 

nerdy tumblr posts - spongebob squarepants

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8. Keanu PLEASE!

nerdy tumblr posts - keanu reeves as dr strange

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9. Deadpool, you sneaky bastard. 

nerdy tumblr posts - janky deadpool 2 poster

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10. Have you tried turning it off and then turning it back on again?

nerdy tumblr posts

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11. *Casts silly walks spell*. 

nerdy tumblr posts - monty python as a dnd game

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12. God help us. 

nerdy tumblr posts - sweet lootbox

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