There's no shortage of bullshitters in this world, especially online. It can be incredibly frustrating to see these people getting away with saying ridiculous shit like "I'm the person who really invented shoes, but I can't take credit because the GOVERNMENT will have me assasinated". We know you didn't invent shoes, Jerry. We also know that your dad works for the government so just stop. 

But in those moments when they get called out by the Angels of Truth, we get a little tingle in our heart that signifies there is still good ol' fashioned justice in this world of lies. 

1. They have had everything, which is why they're now dead. 

idiot gets destroyed ></p>
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2. Weed, ketchup, what's the difference?

idiot gets destroyed ></p>
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3. That door is THICC tho. 

idiot gets destroyed ></p>
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4. Looks like he already put his pussy cap on.

idiot gets destroyed ></p>
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5. Sorry, that was my Cambodian/Vietnamese brother who uses my account!

idiot gets destroyed ></p>
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6. Gimme that good green shit, my friend. 

idiot gets destroyed ></p>
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7. The year was 2018, the filter sepia. 

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8. Mmmm, that's one tasty lie. 

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9. Yeah, but meth helped me pull those all nighter study sessions in college!

idiot gets destroyed ></p>
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10. iCarly has hit rock bottom.

idiot gets destroyed for lame yelp review

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11. Looks like someone got hit by the hypocrit hippo.

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12. Someone didn't pay attention in class. 

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13. No, no, Latino Selfie is what my friends call me. 

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14. My sister Katy Perry DID die in 9/11!

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