1. This person's 13-year-old sister did exactly as told.

sibling trolling - 'get me whatever' lame present


2. This guy asked his accountant brother for help with his taxes. Naturally this invoice followed.

sibling trolling - sibling accountant bill


3. This person's sister is coming to stay in their guest room. Enjoy your sleep!

sibling trolling - we've had sex here pillow


4. "My sister and her boyfriend are heading up to our cabin tomorrow night, so I left them a present for when they turn on the lights."

Surprise, you're about to get murdered!

sibling trolling - scary dummy


5. Roasted by a teen.

so my 14 year old brother responded to my snapchat story..... what pic.twitter.com/wIjDWGGV7T

-- tiff (@_tiffanylang_) July 3, 2018

6. These shirts are a yearly gift from this dude's brother. Gotta keep the shirtception going.

sibling trolling - brother gift shirt


7. This guy's appendix burst, so naturally his brothers trolled him at the hospital.

sibling trolling - trolling brother in hospital


8. This person's brother took it up a notch & showed up as a pirate after this sibling had their leg amputated in the hospital.

sibling trolling - brother shows up to siblings amputation dressed as pirate


9. This person's brother replaced every pic of Jesus in their parent's house with Obi-Wan Kenobi. It's been 3 months and they haven't noticed, somehow.

sibling trolling - replaces jesus pictures with obi wan kenobi


10. The look says everything you need to know about this Christmas present.

sibling trolling - girl gives her brother life size cut out


11. Because welcoming your brother home from active duty with a traditional sign just isn't fun enough.

sibling trolling - welcome home from rehab sign