Not all things in life come as advertised. Especially these 11 pics and products who were clearly manufactured by some of the biggest conmen in world history. Hope these people saved their receipts.

1. The dog got extra satisfaction chewin' this up, for sure.

rip offs - no chew deterrent gets chewed


2. The bottom is what they commissioned. The top is the...attempt.

rip offs - fruit headband

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3. A good photographer can make all the difference for your AirBnb.

rip offs - airbnb fake pool with perspective

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4. Sonic the HedgeGlob.

rip offs - sonic popsicle

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5. Always check the dimensions while shopping online, otherwise you'll end up with one pissed cat.

rip offs - tiny scratching post

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6. Someone needs to invent a machine that can check for this.

rip offs - giant avocado pit

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7. Love me an Air Burrito.

rip offs - gross burrito

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8. This company didn't even try.

rip offs - gross food

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9. "Hell ya bud, love racism too." 

rip offs - sweatshirt fail

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10. When your blacksmith skills are still level 1.

rip offs - crappy necklace

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11. What is this? A wedding for ants?

rip offs - tiny amazon ring

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