Not all heroes wear capes.

Most of them just wear anonymous masks and cargo shorts with a light dusting of a Doritos mustache.

But you gotta keep these memes under wraps 'cause we had to hack into THE mainframe and export them to this incredibly hard to decode post that will disappear from the face of the internet in t-minus 10 minutes. 

1. Danger? I haven't heard that name in years. 

hacker meme ralph wiggins simpsons

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2. Don't fuck with me. 

hacker meme mr. robot

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3. I am the smartest person ALIVE.

hacker meme putin

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4. Psh, no problem. 

hacker meme

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5. I think we all know the answer to this one *cracks knuckles and puts on GUNNAR glasses*

hacker meme nsa vs sticky tape

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6. *cracking hacker voice initiate* 

hacker meme

7. That'll show that asshole Kenny not to mess with you. 

hacker meme

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8. Yeah, it's easy to do this when you're a genius. 

hacker meme plug in apple

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9. The circuits are fried!

hacker meme egg in cd drive

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10. FEAR ME. 

hacker meme guy fawkes mask

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