In a time where so much bad is happening all around us, it's important to find content that is 100% pure and too good for this world. These 11 pics are absolute perfection and may make you tear up a time or two. Do not be ashamed though, my keyboard is legit drenched rn. 

1. Mission accomplished.

then vs now son becomes police officer like dad

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2. Good guy Brian.

guy gives kid ride to school

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3. Doggo loves his sweater.

dog wearing adorable sweater

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4. People are nice in the Netherlands.

emts cook dinner for woman and do the dishes

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5. A poor driver with a heart of gold.

positive meme

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6. This may be more heart-wrenching than Wall-E itself.

tweet about watching movie with girl she babysits

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7. You KNOW Terry Crews delivers.

positive meme tweet

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8. Next week? CEO.

9. Nothing is more wholesome than this. 

when your daughter texts you

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10. WHAT. Is this true? Goddamn, dogs are perfect.

crying after finding out nice fact about dogs

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11. Put a lil snack in there next time.

dog collecting mail

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