While many, MANY people find Benedict Cumberbatch to be the absolute hotness, there are probably equally as many people who roast the dude nonstop for looking like Sid from Ice Age, a cucumber come to life, or Sid from Ice age after eating his fill of cucumbers come to life. 

1. It's all in the cheekbones

2. Each roast we enact puts us deeper in danger



3. On his way into become an otter

benedict cumbebatch vs otter


4. I love your work

benedict cumberbatch vs breaded camembert


5. All hail Chadwick

6. Wait...it's not?

benedict cumberbatch looks like allergic reaction face


7. I'm sure he would be flattered to know he looks like a leading man but stretched out

8. All the better to smirk at you with

benedict cumberbatch lipless photo


9. It's his fursona

10. These Hollywood elites think they're so much better than me

benedict cumberbatch


11. Honk if you love Benedict

12. Well hey I'm sure plenty of people can find something attractive about a sea cucumber

13. Actors hate him! This simple trick made him an A-lister overnight!

looking like benedict cumberbatch via glasses distortion