If you've watched even one episode of Mad Men, you know that the majority of marketing and advertising is pure bullshit intended to trick the consumer. Sometimes, the BS is so egregious, we must take to the internet and share our outrage with the rest of the world.

1. Toilet paper companies love themselves a LARGE NUMBER.

bad design toiler paper math makes no sense

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2. Well then fuck off with that picture.

poor design climbing rope not for climbing

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3. What a strange policy.

poor design bookstore purchase ></p>
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4. What a deal.

bad design two coins more expensive than ></p>
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5. YouTube will let you purchase a movie, only then to have it blocked by age restrictions. 

youtube shitty design - age blocking a purchased movie

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6. I'm no math expert, but I believe I've been mislead.

shitty design ></p>
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7. That's one troll-ass library.

bad design library fake free pizza sign

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8. Wanna be healthy? Sorry, it's gonna cost ya.

poor design smaller mcdonalds soda is more expensive

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9. I kinda support this one. I'm not gonna eat there, but points for creativity.

poor design - restaurant uses b rating as brunch sign

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10. Uhhhh

bad design - see through bathroom stalls

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11. Please just let me add a penny. Do not make me purchase excess sauce.

yelp order short a penny - bad design

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