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If you're reading this and are a bus driver, let me be the first to say - thank you for all you do. 

Why are we - and countless others on the internet - thanking bus drivers? The better question is: what kind of monster WOULDN'T thank their bus driver at the end of a safe and pleasant commute? Unfortunately, many don't even think to thank their bus driver for performing their duty, honorably and selflessly...until now. This meme posted to r/dankmemes was the meme that launched a thousand thank yous to bus drivers, the thankless warriors that get us all to school and work on time and affordably.



The implication is clear - being successful or wealthy is ultimately meaningless in the end. Being focused on money and career ambitions is self-serving and ultimately unfulfilling - but those who go out of their way to thank bus drivers are the true champions of society. In the words of Malcolm S. Forbes:

"You can easily judge thecharacter of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him."

Since then, it's become a red-hot meme - and, surprisingly, a meme based on empathy, kindness, and appreciation for service workers. It's about goddamn time the bus drivers of the world got their proper thanks, so please enjoy these long overdue memes, and make sure the next time you take a bus you float a thank you the drivers way.

1. And I shall give you the same tomorrow

bus driver memes simpsons shitpost


2. You should kiss his feet if we're being honest

bus driver memes


3. I moved on that bus driver like a bitch

bus driver memes donald trump twitter


4. Setting lasers to kill

bus driver memes toy story


5. Sick him bois

bus driver memes tom and jerry cartoon


6. I'm gonna need to buy a lot of forever stamps

bus driver memes wwe vince mcmahon


7. This is not appropriate bus driving attire, but you shall be thanked nonetheless

bus driver memes shining last at butt


8. Don't let the thanks stop at creatures who are alive

bus driver meme casket upgrades


9. I don't care if other people are trying to get off I need to say this

bus driver memes galaxy brain


10. Reminder that assaulting a bus driver

bus driver memes bizarre porn screen cap


11. And you better thank the police officer when you get home

bus driver memes incredibles dad


12. The only 'girl' in my life is the bus driver thank you very much

bus driver memes guy thinking about other girls


13. Makes all the difference in the world

bus driver memes otto from the simpsons


14. Sorry momma, nothing personal

bus driver memes - guy trying to smooch other girl


And - in case you don't really believe it makes much of a difference to thank a bus driver or not - take it from a redditor who felt compelled to comment on the meme, and what it means to them...as an actual bus driver:

I am a bus driver in Fort Lauderdale, Fl and on a normal basis about 25% of my passengers say thank you. It does make a difference bc I deal with a lot. Most people think it's very easy to do my job. Most people are wrong. On a daily basis I have to fight with traffic, including school zones and construction. Not to mention dealing with passengers (some are poor, drug addicts, homeless, gang members and even mentally ill). I have 3 cameras recording my every move. I have to adhere to a very tight schedule if I'm lucky I get 10 minutes at the end of the line. Sometimes I'm running so late I have to hold my pee for longer than I desire. When late I loose my break and have to turn and burn. Perhaps the worst aspect of my Job is dealing with management. Passengers call complains on us all the time. The first thing Managment does is pull the video, then comes an administrative review. Hope video doesn't catch me doing anything wrong ie eating anything or even drinking water. Last week I got called in bc I let a lady and her 3 kids (on their way to school) ride for $1. So some idiot was upset that the kids didn't have to pay. Told me it's not fair he has to pay and they ride for free. Now in my personal file a complaint is filled away. Driving is very fatiguing. And very challenging. I say good morning to EVERYONE who enters my bus. So I really appreciate those who say thank you. Means a lot to me. Sorry for the long post. Just think some people lack perspective and need insight.

So, let me say it one last time: