Hope you saved room for some dessert 'cause these Tweets are exceptionally decadent. Served hot and fresh from Twitter, you won't find anything tastier on the internet than these big boys, and they sure are a mouthful. 

Go on, take a slice, treat yourself!

1. Look ma! I made it!

2. Let this be a lesson about peace and forgiveness for the whole world. 

3. I'm so hungry right now. 

4. Nailed it. 

5. God, men are such seaholes.

6. *Sheds tear* Congrats, you guys!

7. This is the moment little girls dream about their whole life. 

8. Dammit, Karen, have you listened to a word I've said?!

9. Let's make this a party!

10. Pawncle Doggo. 

11. Some people just want to watch the world burn. 

12. Can you please come see me in my office, Jerry?

13. We all make mistakes.