While the rest of us are wasting countless hours perusing Spongebob memes or watching old 90's sitcom reruns on Netflix, there's some ACTUAL pretty crazy stuff on the verge of happening all around us. Here's 13 big time things we may be fortunate to experience in the near future (sorry, still no flying cars on the agenda.)

1. Flamingoman418 -- It seems like this is always on the verge of happening. 

Apparently a cure for baldness has started clinical trials in the uk

Edit : https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/baldness-hair-loss-osteoporosis-male-androgenic-allopecia-a8341881.html here is the link to the independent article on it never posted a link here hope it works.

Thanks for all the replies it really blew up, let's all cross our fingers and touch bald spots for luck that it passes trials.

2. Munninnu -- Hopefully they call it something more appetizing. 

Lab meat.

3. -eDgAR- -- Finally, equality. 

Male birth control pill. 

Here is an article about one currently being tested.

4. GingeryGnetum --  Hell ya, I want my shoes to do some technological shit.

5G Networks, Internet of things. Every fucking thing is going to be connected to the internet in the next few years. your shoes to a water bottle to cars to bicycles. And it's not going to be an indie company gimmick. Stuff that actually works. And RIP your privacy.


The Internet as we know had evolved. It's no longer just a from of communication. The Internet and fiber optics have become essential one things you don't even recognise. They're already there working on the background. For example, bridges.. Modern bridges are glued to ton of vibration sensors connected through fiber optics and central database. They employ algorithms to monitor vibrations of every car passing through. It automatically calculates the service schedules and pre detects disaster occurrence. There is no need for men to survey every now and then to check the viability of a bridge.

This is just a small example of what Internet of things can do. It's crazy. People are going to lose jobs. We need new laws for code and conduct in virtual world. The Facebook scenario(looking at you zuccc) is Just the staring.

5. Andromeda321 -- It's crazy these things are happening in space while we sit on our asses staring at memes. 

Astronomer here! The James Webb Space Telescope is currently going well with its updates for its May 2020 launch! :D

Until then, the other space mission I am super excited about is New Horizons, which visited Pluto, is still going out, and will flyby a Kuiper Belt Object on January 1, 2019! It was discovered by Hubble in a campaign to see if there was anything further out there, and its nickname is Ultima Thule, meaning "beyond the borders of the known world." (I say nickname bc it'll probably become the proper name once the IAU meets again who officially names things, but their big meeting is in August.) I mean, it'll likely look similar to Pluto/Charon, which are also Kuiper Belt Objects, but there's nothing quite like as an object that looks like a fuzzy dot and then your entire view of it changing. There aren't too many for that to happen in our Solar System, so I for one look forward to the New Year!

6. gakipi -- Let's hope this just never happens. 

Someone might have mentioned it already,but lots of people are afraid of a massive earthquake that should be hitting the west of Canada and the USA due to the fault becoming stuck for a couple centuries.

7. DuffyHimself -- Oh god yes. Someone please cure these annoying things. 

A cure for allergies. Scientists have already used CRISPR to remove allergies in rats.

8. skartocc -- I don't like the sounds of this. 

In the EU, in Sep 2019, PSD2 for Third Party Providers will come in force (https://www.smartdebit.co.uk/open-banking-vs-psd2/). 

This means that any company can ask for consent to see all your banking transaction history and also move your money around (within limits). People think it will lead to an explosion on FinTech companies with clever money savings apps, I instead think it will be an absolute shitshow were anyone will try to profit from it. From Amazon making sure they know everything you didn't buy from them, to a recruiter dropping you out if you don't share, or else learn you like to go boozing on weekdays. 

Also, ''consents'' itself will be considered as an asset, so while a company cannot sell it forward, it can still sell the anonymised version of it. Welcome to the future.

9. GasManJ24 -- One refurbished lung, please. 

Growing personalized organs for people who need transplants

Edit: a post of this nature deserves some clarification. the technology to do this for those on the transplant list is likely decades off, at least for most solid organs. what is likely to happen is that human stem cell-derived organs (human cell differentiation on a decellularized scaffold- this is not growth out of nothing) will be used for research on embryology, physiology, and pathology before being transplanted. this has big implications for those with treatable disease, and one day will for those with end-stage disease. 

Here is an article referencing "refurbished" organs, in reference to the comment below.

10. Naptaker1 -- There's always gotta be this guy. 

More antibiotic resistant illnesses

11. mybustersword -- Hey, whatever reasoning they decide on is fine by me. 

Legalizing marijuana for the benefits of the stock market

12. laterdude -- This one isn't mind blowing, but I could see it happening. 

An expansion team wins the Stanley Cup and Disney makes a feel-good movie about it

13. Chinkie_Winkie -- Don't give up. We believe in you Chinkie Winkie.

Me finding a girlfriend.

Any day now.

Aaaany day.