Have you ever flown into a rage because of something so small, yet so infuriating you couldn't contain your anger? Saw someone leave a shopping car in an empty parking spot and wanted to throw that person sun prison? That guy who screams into a cell phone on public transporation make you want to draw blood?

Well you're definitely not alone. The people over on /r/Askreddit know that even if something seems insignificant or petty doesn't mean you can't get salt as fuck. 

So, just a warning: merely thinking about this stuff WILL make you feel like a real pissboy, proceed with caution!


1. deflaimun

Meetings that should have been an email.

2. MultiTasker33

Entering an elevator before people have exited said elevator. Pillory for the day.

3. Shlano613

Playing music out loud from your phone on the bus.


4. Dinaatio

People stopping for a chat in crowded areas or narrow places.

5. doublestitch

Caller ID spoofing.

There are very few situations where there's a legitimate need to spoof a number but there's a high burden on law enforcement to prove the illegal uses, so abuses are running rampant.


To clarify a couple of points, under current US law spoofing is illegal only in cases of fraud. The burden is on law enforcement to prove fraud.

The current US law on spoofing was written at a time when fraudulent spoofing was rare, and that law hasn't been updated as times changed.

6. fechs_1812

People who cut you off and slow down.

7. Buckabuckaw

In the grocery store, leaving your shopping cart blocking one side of the aisle while you stand next to it, blocking the other side of the aisle, leisurely considering which box of sugar to select, while oblivious to other shoppers waiting to get by.

Edit: Extra time in the stocks if you roll your eyes when someone says, "Excuse me."

8. RBreezyOverEasy

Online recipes prefaced with 7 paragraphs of blogging.

9. Sad_And_Obese:

Asking me questions while I'm using the urinal. I work in IT, coworkers see the bathroom as my office.


10. HighOnGoofballs

Not using headphones when watching videos in public

11. IronScrub

Walking in a group in public hallways or on sidewalks but all side by side so no one can pass you.

12. Bananapeeler666

Parents who allow their child to watch something on their iPad loud as fuck at a public diner.

13. brijjen

Stopping suddenly in the middle of the sidewalk, or aisle, or hallway.


14. Cortesana:

Making articles of clothing with fake pockets.

15. WhiskaMittie

Cutting in line

16. rainforest_goddess:

Radio commercials that play car horns, sirens or crash sounds. Why?! Im driving! 

17. Spazic77

Leaving the God damned shopping cart in a fucking parking space.

18. PredHed24

Two semi trucks in each lane of the highway side-by-side going the exact same speed.

19. sjhachman

Chewing with your mouth open

25 Small Annoyances That Should be Illegal

20. crowscountingspades:

People who speed up when you try to pass them...and then they pass YOU again later...only to slow down again, forcing you to continue the game.

(I consciously, actively maintain a constant speed. Asshole, the reason I caught up with and then passed you in the first place is that I'm driving faster than you are.)

21. stazione56

Bringing a babies or toddlers to movie theaters

22. Cock-PushUps

People at the gym who bring like 8 different pieces of exercise equipment into an area or squat rack and hog it all for an hour until they're finished. If you ask for a piece they're like "oh no im using that for my ultra-super-duper set". SO frustrating.

23. shinxanta:

Not using your blinker.

Half the morons on the road in my city would be off the streets.



Spending five minutes at checkout searching for a few $0.25 off coupons that you "swore were in there".

25. ZE3Z

Customers treating employees like trash. It is insane how common it is for customers to scream at people, that already have enough on their plate. Then your company to come around and bend a knee to them and do anything to please them.