Monopoly is not for the faint of, seriously I've lost friends over it. The whole game is full of potential ways that you can piss off your friends and I'm getting angry just thinking about some of them. The nice people at r/AskReddit had their users share the biggest dick moves they've ever encountered when playing the infamous board game. Their answers are....infuriating. Without any further ado, please enjoy: 

The 13 Biggest Dick Moves You Can Do In Monopoly

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1. applepwnz thinks outside of the factory issued box: 

I'd allow that as "counterfeiting" with an additional rule that if any player catches you adding your own Monopoly money to the game, you immediately get sent to jail and all of your properties are returned to the bank.

2. whirlpoohl's mom likes to gloat: 

My mom: as you land on her hotels and count thousands of dollars, she takes the money and says "nice doing business with you" with a shit eating grin

I'm sorry Ma but that makes me unreasonably angry

3. MadcapRecap is gonna make you run out of pieces: 

Stop at 4 houses on every property, rather than upgrading to hotels. You choke the supply and prevent others getting enough houses.

4. slapabrownman's wife is an evil genius: 

The wife will attempt to get one of every property. When she accomplished this goal she will refuse to trade with anyone unless it's the worst fucking deal In the history of the game.


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5. jeremy1015's sister just wants to watch the world burn: 

I see a lot of people talking about houses. That's basic strategy. The real biggest dick move in Monopoly is making a hugely lopsided trade to strike back at someone who knocked you nearly out of the game.

My sister did this the last time I played Monopoly. I had three houses on the oranges and 4 on the light blues and was cruising to victory.

She hit me and lost basically all of her money, but didn't actually bankrupt. She was donezo as soon as she hit anything else and it was clear to everyone.

So she sold of her properties to her boyfriend for $1 to try and prevent me from winning more or less out of spite. Technically within the rules, but just a total asshole thing to do.

To me, this is the definition of poor sportsmanship and a dick move.

6. JV19's friend used the old "Airbud" defense: 

My friend hides his money because "nowhere in the rulebook does it say your money has to be visible"

7. NChSh knows what's up: 

Grabbing the dog/Scottish Terrier piece before anyone gets a chance to pick who they are, as it is clearly the best one

8. mattreyu covers all their dick move bases:

Insist on playing by all the rules, including no free parking money and auctioning properties. Buy all the houses but don't upgrade to hotels so nobody else can buy houses. If you play by the rules as intended, nobody is going to want to play a game with you again.


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9. TheManicMonocle's mom used the biggest mom dick move there is: Guilt: 

One time my sister was asking me to forgive her rent and I said "'Oh, Mr. Scrooge, can you give us some more coal for the fire Mr. Scrooge??' The answer is no!"

10. Maverick314 didn't come here to make friends. They came here to win: 

Negotiate everyone to death... I spent an hour and a half negotiating a deal for a single property at one point

We don't play anymore

I won the game though, so it was worth

11. vnutellanutella keeps their dick moves simple 

Stealing money from the bank

12. HunrySmeth went literal with this one: 

floppin your dick out on the board

13. LexLuthorJr knows the only proper way to play Monopoly:

Thirty minutes in, trading everything you own to another player for $1 then quitting the game.