Twitter can be a rough place - there's lots of harrassment, Nazis, threats, and general arguing and drama that you find in most places online. But also? Some pretty funny people, making some pretty funny tweets. Here are some of the best ones lately:

1. It's uncanny: 

2. Everyone likes Cate Blanchett: 

3. Hiddlekins was great: 

4. Hmm....Upesetting:

5. Checkmate: 

6. That's one majestic ass cat: 

7. Complain about it some more: 

8. So that's why they did it: 

9. A love story: 

10. I'd listen to that: 

11. Nothing about the Tri-Wizard tournament makes sense, TBH:

12. That's one day to get back at her, I guess: 

13. Wordplay isn't always fun:

14. I much prefer TV that feel like doing work: 

15. Get fucked sun: