Who needs drugs or alcohol to achieve that buzz you desire? We've got all your brain needs right here in the form of great, funny, endorphin-rush inducing tweets. So kick back, relax, and let your mind go.

1. Wow, bricks AND a basket? They truly went above and beyond.

2. Nope, just a horrible coincidence!

3. The biggest bowl you can find, but bigger.

4. Please answer, Alex. For I have no feelings or emotions.

5. Roasted your old, fancy dish-having asses.

6. I'm leaning towards yes?

7. Sorry bro but you're certifiably toxic.

8. It's true. Read a book.

9. True, listen closely.

10. Also apples and spinach are what I call ass.

11. Dumb, useless charts the best charts.

12. Crazy, but 100% true.

13. It's official. This meme is complete.