Tweets are good but wading through Twitter is not. Skip all the talk of Laurel and Yanny and how the world is ending, and instead enjoy this specially curated of the best tweets of the day. Enjoy!

1. Sounds kinda tasty: 

2. I think it's called a therapist: 

3. It's not the worst idea I've ever heard: 

4. Optimisim is important: 

5. My two favorite things are finally combined:

6. I love poetry: 

7. Needs more meme: 

8. Gross and inspirational is hard to pull off: 

9. Can't unsee: 

10. This kid is already cooler than I'll ever be: 

11. I've been on Twitter 8 times in the last 5 seconds: 

12. Mmmmmmm: 

13. I prefer the dumb dogs, thanks: 

14. Imagine going to the Geek Squad instead of the doctor:  

15. There's still time for it to get you: