People get banned left and right on Twitter for a variety of reasons. Maybe you said something they didn't like, maybe your politics don't align with theirs, or maybe you legitimately have no clue why a rando has blocked you. These 11 people know exactly what they were banned for and shared the reasons after Twitter user Gon_Ride tweeted out the question.

1. Burnnn (but also an understandable blockage).

2. How could he refuse?

3. Hahaha.

4. Getting blocked after this one feels like you've won the argument.

5. Why, daddy?

6. Better go fix that label.

7. It could be for a wide array of insults.

8. Damn, poetry sites are blocking people now?

9. I feel like he must get this joke a lot.

10. Marc Summers at it again.

11. Vilma, explain yourself.