Social media has been getting a lot of flack these days, but it's totally unfair. The truth is that social media is great! It's just the world and most people that are awful. With that in mind, we went online and found some of the best tweets of the week. Enjoy! 

1. Blaze it:

2. The only true winners are parents: 

3. Truth:

4. Gods, they're just like us:

5. They're probably trying: 

6. Roommates ruin everything: 

7. This is how I ended up with The Rachel:

8. Give Spider a chance: 

9. The one upfront is enticing: 

10. Give this kid a Nobel Prize: 

11. Try not to smile. TRY:

12. It's important that we learn about queer history: 

13. How did this take this long?:

14. White people, amiright?: 

15. I hope I never get the chance to 79: 

16. This is my parents: