Here's a free tip for everyone: if you find some weird, messed up-looking, squishy thing that feels like it's something out of a David Lynch movie, maybe just...leave it alone? Don't touch it or bring it with you anywhere....and DEFINITELY don't leave it in the back of your car and FORGET ABOUT IT. That's the lesson @keplyq learned the HARD WAY - luckily, she recounted the story on Twitter, so that she could share her wisdom and terrifying experience with all of you:

And here's where she made her mistake - she let her curiosity get the best of her. It wasn't enough to gross out her neighbors with this giant, gross, warm HR Giger nightmare - she BROUGHT IT WITH HER PLACES:

"And that is when the screaming started" is a phrase that pretty much anyone would have guessed would come at some point in this story, because IT IS A BAD IDEA TO TAKE WEIRD ALIEN MONSTROSITIES THAT NO ONE CAN IDENTIFY ALONG WITH YOU.

This is the point in the sci-fi horror movie when you start screaming at the characters on-screen to DESTROY THE CAR, IT IS THE ONLY WAY.

So, thanks to her curiosity over a weird squishy thing (that turned out to be some kind of incubator for HUNDREDS OF WORMS), she has to deal with nonstop horror and anxiety every time she gets in her car. Let this be a lesson to everyone.

In case you were curious what these worms (and that THING) actually was, The Bug Chicks have arrived to offer some clarification.