Let's be honest: In all likelihood you're currently pooing and looking for something to distract yourself from the weird sounds your body is making. Let this article be that distraction. We rounded up 15 of the best tweets from the past couple of days for your pooping pleasure. Enjoy! 

1. A lot can change in 10 years: 

2. It'd work for a dating app called Settlr too: 

3. At least he didn't say "To a whale of a wife":

4. Well I never:

5.  Now I know my ABCs: 

6. Think of how many notifications you'd get:

7. We promise this will be the only tweet related to Kanye:

8. Gandalf > Dumbledore

9. Goals:

10. This is cultural a-Poke-reation:

11. TWIST:

12. People misunderstanding algorithims is always funny: 

13. Who among us wouldn't do the same:

14. Girls > Guys:   

15. Happens everytime: