The world is a difficult place sometimes. There are good things and bad things, and sometimes you'd wish the former could just kick the latter to the bottom of the stairs. People have been expressing these sentiments on twitter and a fun new meme format was created as a result. We rounded up some of our favorites for your content pleasure. Please enjoy these 12 things that clearly need to be kicked down the stairs:

1. Classical Music

2. Trashy Lettuces 

3. Wasting Time On Taking Care Of Yourself 

4. Overly Heterosexual Television 

5. School Fairs That Aren't Worth Your Time 

6. Your Ability To Control Yourself At The Olive Garden 

7. The Pledge of Allegiance 

8. The Bad Guy From Home Alone

9. Weather Inappropriate Clothing 

10. Any Level Of Adversity 

11. Enemies of Sparta 

12. People Who Can't Keep Up With New Meme Formats