In a fiery twitter hurricane today, Kanye's being doing what Kanye does best - getting a whole lotta people to talk about him. You can parse through everything here of course, but the main topics that were hit, and led to Kanye losing about 9 million followers were: 

Obviously everyone on Twitter had a lot to say about this, all of which could be appropriately summarized by 50 Cent's 2010 tweet:

1. Donald raise my hands

2. So that's saying something

3. We live in a cycle from which we shall never escape

4. Please explain @JimHenson

5. It's been 84 years...

6. Dragon energy, tiger blood, it's all good

7. Perhaps 

8. Papa needs a new pair of insanely expensive shoes

9. What a trick

10. A normal timeline that we are all living in

11. Ferocious

12. We must unlearn what we have learned

13. True eyes for beauty

14. Soon he will be unsuccessfully trying to unmute his Skype