Some things in life we just can't explain. Why we need sleep at night, what the hell our appendix does, why we like fart smells but only from our own butts. Way up there in the unexplainable are these creepy-ass stories. Some are a bit mundane, but that somehow doesn't make them any less spooky.

1. LyleTheMosquito -- The Ghost Vacuum. Sounds like a movie. A shitty movie, but a movie nonetheless. 

I was 8 years old. I was awakened in the middle of the night needing to go to the bathroom. On my way down the hallway - lights off - I saw faintly the vacuum cleaner lying on the floor, so I stepped over it and went into the bathroom. I turned on the light and shut the door. When I finished and opened the bathroom door, the light shone down the hallway... but there was no vacuum cleaner there.

So anyway, ghost vacuum cleaner.

2. odd110 -- I like the idea that ghosts take naps. Even ghosts get a lil sleepy. 

I remember one thing that genuinely freaked me out when I was 12. I had awoken and gone to the kitchen to fix myself some breakfast. When I got there, I heard my dad's snoring coming from the couch in the living room. I thought it was strange for him to be sleeping since it was 10h and he typically woke up early. But maybe he is taking a nap. As I'm walking towards there, the snoring keeps on getting louder and louder to the point it souds exaggerated. Just as I pop my head over the couch to say hi, the sound just stops. Nobody is on the couch. I call out to my family and nobody answers. They had gone out to get lunch. I still can't explain it to this day.

3. jessdb19 -- A little creepy, but hey, kinda convenient. Thanks potato ghost. 

My mom had me picking potatoes one day. Hugely arduous task. Filled one basket, went to fill the other and found it filled.

It was just me, my sister was feeding animals and my mom and dad were at work.

Simple and unexplained.

Not the first unexplained thing that happened in that house...but it was memorable for me.

4. therealJayT -- Just mesmerized by our beautiful sun, is all.

Still to this day I have no idea what went down here. 

About a year ago now I was sitting at home watching a movie and noticed out onto the backyard patio a man standing there looking straight up in the air. As high as his head would go (almost looking backward). Scared the living shit out of me. Person was as still as a board. He was dressed in very nice clothes though (a royal blue suit with brown shoes) which didn't really fit the scene. I grabbed my cell phone and watched him for a minute to see what he was doing before I'd call the police. Out of no where he shook his head (almost out of a trance) and looked around to see where he was. He took his cell phone out and started making a call. At that point I opened the sliding door (with the screen still being shut) and asked if he was okay. He sounded very frantic and said he doesn't know how he got there. I told him where he was and apparently he lived a few streets over. He walked out the side gate after apologizing profusely. I've seen him a few times in passing and he's seemed extremely normal (drives a porsche cayenne). No idea WTF that was about.

5. CanisMaximus -- I want this mystery solved so badly. 

Ok, let me preface this by saying I categorically do not believe n the supernatural of any kind. I'm not religious and consider myself agnostic-leaning-atheist. I have no clue why this is happening.

I've owned the same house for over 23 years. It began almost immediately: My spoons have been disappearing at an alarming rate. At first, I put it off to the kids. But it didn't stop even after they had moved out. I lived alone for many years and they would still vanish. I check garbage. I've searched corners and every place where they could conceivably be and not be. I once bought 120 metal teaspoons and they were all gone within a year and a half. More than ten per month. Oddly, the plastic spoons still disappear, but much more slowly. I will count and keep track of them, and that slows it down, but they somehow keep vanishing. My granddaughters now live with me, but it doesn't seem to be a factor. It's worst in the fall for some reason. I estimate I've lost more than a thousand spoons somewhere in this house and I can't find them. 

No, I'm not senile or crazy. Others have noticed the spoon thing here. I can't explain it and have stopped trying. I don't care if anyone believes this shit or not, but you asked and I was in the mood to type it out. 

I just counted. I'm down to 7 spoons; 3 teaspoons and 4 tablespoons. Three teaspoons missing since I last checked sometime last month.

6. DJClapyohands -- Shit. How does this stuff happen?

I was napping shortly after my son was born and I dreamt that my husband came in and told me my dad had passed away. I woke up suddenly and just had a bad feeling from it. I tried to shake it off and just layed there for a moment. A few minutes later my husband did come in the room and told me my father had a heart attack and died at work. Worst feeling in the world. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

7. I_Am_Anjelen -- Either your friend had one too many drinks or somebody broke the matrix. 

I'm not the kind of person to have a great many friends - but those friends I do keep are sacred to me.

So one evening I was getting out of a Rotterdam subway (blaak) to go to my appartment near there, when I see an old friend, one I haven't seen in the flesh in a few years heading into the subway. I call out his name, he turns, waves and makes this "Call me" gesture - then the doors close and the subway rides off.

Thirty seconds later, my phone rings. It was my friend, who told me he'd just seen me get in the (normal) train he'd used to get home from the bar - Apparantly, I had grinned, waved, gestured "Call me!", the door shut and the train drove off.

I lived in Rotterdam. He lived in Enschede. That's just over 200km apart. (or about 125 miles)

8. thehillshavetits -- Creepy as hell.

There's this pedestrian crossing near my place that i always cross and for some reason for the past couple of weeks, i'd feel really, really uneasy whenever i walked accross. Then just last sunday i got hit by a car that failed to stop while i was crossing it.

9. thefuzzybunny1 -- People are just chillin', eating lamb on the other side. Nice.

My father's two sisters each lost her husband within a year of each other. Their husbands had been friends so they ended up buying cemetery plots next to each other. So at the second funeral, we're lowering Uncle B into his grave. 

Suddenly, I hear a sizzle. I look up, and instead of a graveyard I'm in a backyard, and Uncle B is grilling. Uncle A (who's been dead a year) says to me, "do you want some lamb?" Before I can answer, I blink again and I'm back in the graveyard. 

I tell people that's my "seeing a ghost" story, but I've considered that it was maybe a vision of the other side.

10. DaysforDays -- What a tame dream.

This probably isn't that weird but when I was sitting outside a building this woman walked up to me and told me she had a dream where she saw me sitting in that same spot wearing the same white t shirt. It wasn't a creepy encounter or anything and she thought it was weird too.

11. pakidude17 --  We get it, ghosts...you vape.

I'm late to the party, but this story is both freaky and super inexplicable.

When I was a kid, like 12-13, I was playing with my friends in their backyard. It was a perfect summer day outside- probably around 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. This detail is really important. 

So we're playing and I'm chasing my friend, but I suddenly stop because I notice something strange. I exhale and I realize that I can see my breath, just as you would on a really cold day. I call my friends over and they thought I was smoking or something because of how thick the vapor was. None of them can see their own breath until they are standing right next to me; it was only happening in that one specific spot. We walked around but that was only in that one area that it was visible. All of us ended up just going home because we got pretty freaked out.

12. DrHandBanana -- Dogs are mans best friend except when they scare the shit outta them.

When I was 15 I lived in a two story House. My dog used to sleep with me. One night he was growling so loudly it woke me up... I had my back to my window and opened my eyes to a bright green light against my entire wall obviously coming from the Window. I wanted to turn and look but I swear my body wouldn't let me turn around. I stood up back to the window call my dog, picked him up and walked in the hallway. I closed the door and looked at the bottom of the door to see the light blasting from underneath it. 

I didn't tell my parents. I just slept in the hallway holding my dog that whole night.

13. cookiesandporn -- What the. 

I was sitting on my back porch late one night when I notice the motion-sensored light in my driveway turned on.

As I'm looking, a man turns the corner into my yard, stops and stares at me. I couldn't tell who it was, but I wasn't expecting anyone.

I open the door and ask if I can help him, and he takes off running the other way. I lock the doors and go check my security cameras on the side of the house.

There was no one on camera.