It has been a momentous week, to say the least - in the wake of the horrific mass shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida, many of the families and surviving students have been loudly protesting for stricter gun regulations and laws, joining in the chorus of other Americans who feel the same way (which is literally around 97%, by the way).

And that's what's setting this gun massacre apart from the dozens and dozens that preceded it in the last few years - the surviving students who lived through the nightmare are speaking up, using social media platforms and news interviews to make the world know "HEY, NEARLY GETTING MURDERED AND HAVING TO WATCH A BUNCH OF YOUR CLASSMATES DIE ISN'T FUN."

The gun lobby is clearly running scared over this - conspiracy theories have been abound over the outspoken teens, including: they're "crisis actors" (aka not actually students, but actual actors who are pretending to be students in order to push a political agenda), that they're being paid off by wealthy liberal donors, and a million other incredibly stupid things that needlessly complicate the unbelievably simple reality of "they don't like getting shot at." And for those pro-gun individuals who aren't so craven as to stoop to accusing teens of conspiracy, they're simply sticking to the message of "they're kids - we shouldn't take them seriously."

All of this came to a head last night, with a CNN town hall debate over gun control, attended (notably) by Florida Senator Marco Rubio and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch. It did....not go well, for either of them.

And among the solutions being peddled by NRA-supported politicians are "arming teachers" and "turning schools into prisons." And because we can't actually get any kind of gun legislation passed for some reason, all we can do is appreciate some jokes.








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13. And, finally, the cast of Parks & Recreation all telling the NRA to go fuck themselves. We can't get further background check laws passed, but at least we can tell the NRA to leave Leslie Knope alone.


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