Imagine taking a big bite into your tuna fish sandwich only to discover a weird texture being mashed between your teeth. You reach into your mouth and pull out a clump of hair that's been mixed in with your mayonnaisey fish concoction. The gag reflax is automatic as you realize not only is this hair, but it's certainly not yours. 

Hair is something most of us wash, cut, style and even dye. We think of it as an aesthetic that a lot of people are actually attracted to and care for.

But there's a sinister side to these threadlike strands.

Hair where it does not belong, in food or clumped in drains or stuck in our mouths and throat, can stir up a feeling of sheer revulsion. And honestly, it has a way of getting on and in everything.

When the thick unruly locks obscure the face of it's owner, it can ignites an uncanny horror in the pit of our stomachs, such as Sadako from the Japanese movie (and later adapted American film) "Ring".

Long hair don't care.

So the next time you find hair stuck to a wall or floating in your bath, try not to have a hair trigger response. 

1. She watches you while you sleep. 


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2. Hungry?


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3. Imagine the smell. 


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4. Thank you?


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5. Going up?


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6. *Gently carasses your face*


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7. This woman uses HAIR AS FLOSS. 


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8. Hairball. 


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9. Unclogging a drain clears a path straight to hell. 


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10. Alwalys remember to brush your teeth and your hair. 


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11. What's the matter, hair got your tongue?


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